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Our Winnipeg concrete garage pad construction is second to none for price and quality. We handle everything from demolishing and excavation of the current site to the finishing touches of your brand new top quality concrete garage pad. We are very familiar with the municipal regulations regarding the specifications for construction and can assist you in obtaining an engineered drawing in a timely fashion if required. Finally we move quickly, professionally and efficiently and have the entire process of excavation and construction done within 3 days. Every garage pad we do in Winnipeg have a reinforced perimeter with a size and amount of rebar reflecting the weight of the structure it supports. (check our WHAT TO KNOW page) We tie in the rebar at maximum 15 inches apart – usually expressed as 10mm @15 o.c. Clean Cut Concrete uses a 32 MPA high quality air entrained concrete. Larger slabs over 728 square feet that we construct around Winnipeg require stronger construction than outlined above. All our concrete garage pads meet or exceed the specifications laid out in the municipality regulations.

Winnipeg Concrete Garage Pads